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Melanie Ottaway


I am a Aussie girl living on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, who adores nature and being on the water.  I am absolutely obsessed with fishing and can’t get enough of it, I’m always keen for that next adventure. 


I didn’t grow up in a fishing family, my love for fishing came to me when I started to work on boats in the Whitsundays, which took me up to Cairns , Port Douglas, Gulf of Capenteria, Broome, Tasmania and Broome, this was all within a four year period. 


The Kimberley in Broome is one of my favourite places for the elusive Barramundi and also the breath taking scenery, there is no where like it.   I was lucky enough to compete in the 2018 Barra Nationals with my good friend Alex Julius from NAFA at the Daly River.  The Daly was defiantly something so unique, it’s a tough system and I have to say, I loved every minute of it.   Fishing with two very highly experienced Anglers is something I’ll never forget, the knowledge behind Alex who is a past winner is endless, he has also pushed my love for fishing to the next level, which I am very grateful of. 


In March this year I was invited on AFN Fishing and Outdoors, on 7mate.  I was taken under Nigel Webster’s wing in seek to catch my dream fish, which is a ‘Mahi Mahi’.   Fishing at its finest, I caught a Mahi Mahi, Stripped Marlin and dropped two blues.   You just can’t explain the feeling until you have experienced it.!


To breath and to live amongst this beautiful world is spectacular and we are so lucky. 


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