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About Captain Jack's

In a world of ever-changing fashion trends, Captain Jack's Clothing Co. stands as a beacon of timeless style and practicality. Established in 2017 in Australia, this brand has won the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Their mission is simple: to inspire people to embrace the great outdoors while staying protected from the sun. Captain Jack's is synonymous with UPF50+ certified clothing that blends fashion and comfort.

At the helm of this thriving venture are Captain Jack, his parents, Michael, and Billie-Jo. The family's roots are deep, with Jack and Michael originating from Townsville, while Billie-Jo hails from the Sunshine Coast. The journey began when young Jack searched for a fishing shirt and found most options inappropriate for a 12-year-old. Jack's conviction that children deserved stylish, family-friendly outdoor wear birthed Captain Jack's Clothing Co.

Jack's late grandfather, Billabong Bill, or Billy Frankham, shared the same passion for outdoor activities. He instilled in Jack a love for fishing, camping, 4x4 adventures, and travel, despite never meeting in person. Captain Jack’s pays homage to this familial connection with its motto, Raised With Rods® and Raised With Adventure®, reflecting the Australian way of growing up.

One of the brand's unique features is its creative designs, like playful donut and banana prints. "Donuts" humorously captures the essence of fishing when you catch nothing but enjoy the experience. Meanwhile, the "Banana" design warns against bringing bananas on a fishing trip due to superstition. These designs celebrate the outdoor lifestyle and associated traditions.

While Captain Jack's designs its apparel in Australia, it's responsibly manufactured overseas with future hopes of production closer to home. What truly sets Captain Jack's apart is not just fashion commitment but dedication to the environment and their fellow Australians. They give back through annual donations and sponsor initiatives related to the ocean, the outback, and their compatriots.

Whether you're fishing, camping, or going on a 4x4 adventure, Captain Jack's has you covered. As Captain Jack and his family steer their brand's course, one thing remains clear: their passion for the outdoors, family values, and dedication to community are unwavering. Captain Jack's is more than clothing; it's an Australian lifestyle, embracing the beauty and adventure of the land Down Under. Don your favourite Captain Jack's gear, embrace the sun, and step into a fashion world as authentic and enduring as Australia itself.



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