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Hi my name is Mathew Flynn and I'm 27 years old.  I live in Lismore, NSW and I'm married to my beautiful wife Demi and we have a gorgeous son.

I have been fishing since I was a kid and this past time has turned into a passion for the sport. I target all species in my area, from saltwater estuaries, freshwater estuaries and also offshore fishing. My main target species is Bass as I a1n lucky enough to have the Wilson and Richmond Rivers right at my door step. My family and I also go camping regularly, which allows me to explore and fish many other areas of Northern NSW and South East Queensland.

In 2017 I began fishing ABT Bass Electric tournaments. Admittedly this had me way out of my comfort zone as fishing dams is certainly not my strong point but also the added pressure of the competition setting. I still managed two top ten finishes in the season qualifiers which gave me the opportunity to fish the grand final at the end of the year. The grand final was held at Bjelke-Peterson Dam which I had never fished before, leaving me nervous as to whether I' d even manage to land a fish. After the first day I was sitting on top of the leader board being the only person to weigh in a 3kg bag limit. The second day was almost a mirror image of the first, handing me the win by a convincing 1.3kg.


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