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Al McGlashan Collection

Captain Jack's has teamed up with Al McGlashan featuring a collection from his wonderful photographs.  Al is the epitome of passionate fishing and all things outdoors. 

A keen adventurer, his love of fishing led him away from the confines of the corporate world down a path of photojournalism and TV presenting.  Al’s photography truly encapsulates his passion for fish, especially his underwater shots which have brought fishing photography to a new level. Al has authored several books including The Complete Fishing Bible, a 450 page best seller, which is now in its fourth edition.

Al’s love of fishing ultimately led him into TV. First, he produced the ground breaking Strikezone DVD series, which led to the infamous StrikezoneTV. He has also had guest appearances in all major fishing shows, as well as producing documentaries like Gamefishing Australia and Destination Fishing – Samoa. From there it was straight into three seasons of Big Fish Small Boats for Network Ten and now he is producing Fish’n with Mates for Channel Nine which is the number one rating fishing show in Australia as well as airing in NZ and the USA.

It has been a long hard slog to build up a reputation in the fishing and boating industry, but Al would have it no other way, especially when he gets to do what he loves most – fish and then tell everyone about it!

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