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Time to Escape!

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It's not just about catching fish.  It's freedom.  Escape. 


Getting lost where the world can't find you.  No roads, no signs, just the undulating path between crest and trough.  


The varying moods of the sea, suspicious calm, boisterous rough, dangerous storm.


Guided by technology, but free to explore at a whim.  Anticipation of treasure found.  Free from restraints horizon bound.


Time spent with family, friends or people you just met.  Time spent alone, just you and the water.  


Tranquil nights, sunny days, cloudy skies, pouring rain.  Boundless energy on display, the universe reflected on a moonless night.   Memories made.  Time to think, recharge, meditate, enjoy the best that nature has to offer. 


Breathe in that fresh salty air and be thankful to be alive.


By Saltfix

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