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Nothing happens without a plan.  This picture has a lot of meaning. It’s a boy who made a plan with his dad to get up early on a weekend to get to the ledge for the bite time. To do that we have to pack the night before, quietly sneak out of the house not waking anyone up, eat breakfast in the car, walk a steep track climb rocks without damaging rods, hope that the swell and wind are favourable but we won’t know till we are there. Then once there hope the fish turn up, often they don’ all this effort seems wasted when we could have slept in or watched tv ...but this boy will be back again to try again and walking back to the car we plan the next trip regardless. Fish or no fish this is how bonds grow and memories are made. Make a plan and do it 👌


From a Dad who will remember these adventures when they grow up and leave the nest.

Author: Jason Milne 🎣

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